Hi! My name is Will.

I'm a new-grad software developer excited by elegant solutions to complex problems.

I've spent time building robots to test covid samples, designing / architecting a social app, and working freelance implementing websites for clients.

I'm especially intrigued by overlap with hard science or the intersection of healthcare and technology.

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B.S. Computer Science, Tufts University, 2023



Fort Greene Engineering 🌳

Fort Greene Engineering 🌳

I implemented and deployed Target10's website, interfacing with the client and ensuring they got exactly the product they desired.

I briefly worked as a contractor for Fort Greene Engineering to build Target10's website. They came into the project with strong design / animation opinions, and I struggled with this. I'm no designer, but I had come from Muze where my opinions on all facets of the product were valued. My place on Target10's project was fundamentally different and taught me how to put my ego aside and support someone else's vision.

A picture of the landing page for

Target10 Landing Page

I entered this project with a moderate amount of React experience - the React Native I had written for Muze and the React I had written for another startup back in 2020 - and learned a lot quickly. The site is built with a React / Next.js frontend and uses as a headless CMS. I learned dynamic page generation, how to create live previews while the client edited the site in Sanity, and much about animation with Framer Motion.

A picture of the "Our Story" page for Target10's website

Our Story page on Target10's website

The project took about four weeks between some initial meetings and a week or so of revisions, touchups, design changes, etc. I definitely don't love the design of the final product (especially the slide show intro...), but it looks how they want it to. My small victory was the Nav Bar, I was able to convince them of that at least.

A video of header behavior on page change.


Frontend Developer



start date:

Aug. 22nd, 2022

end date:

Sept. 14th, 2022




UI/UX Design,